Wednesday, 21 December 2016

Summer Blogging


Activity 2

After four full weeks of planning and travelling, you are now safely back in New Zealand. You have now had some time to relax and to reflect on your experiences. What are two things that you have learned from your travels? On your blog, tell us about any two things that you have learned.

What two things that I have learned is how to pack my clothes because every time we travel my mum/dad does it the other thing is to learn about your country before you go there because if someone walks up to you and say something you don't understand you will be scared.


  1. Hi Samuel,
    Great to see your blog posts - very interesting!
    Packing is a very important part of preparing for a trip isn't it! And yes - it is always good to learn a bit about the country before going. I'd be keen to hear about a couple of words/phrases you think would be useful to know before travelling - can you give me an example?
    I'm looking forward to reading more of your blog posts!

  2. Hi Samuel,
    I think that is awesome for you to decide to join this years Summer Learning Journey. I like how you learned how to do different things from your experience. Keep it up!

  3. Hi Samuel!

    I think your second reason is especially important. Whenever I travel I do lots of research about the country I visit. Here are some things I do.

    1. I learn how to say at least "Hello" and "Thank you"
    2. Research where I want to go
    3. Research where I am going to stay
    4. I read reviews for everything, because some websites are dishonest.
    5. I research common scams in the country I am visiting. Tourists can loose lots of money through very simple scams, so it is important to know what they are.

    I hope that might help you when you go travelling!

    Kia kaha,


    1. Oh! And

      6. I learn local customs. Like how to give and receive money/change, or shaking hands for example. In Korea you receive everything with two hands, shake hands with one hand either tucked under your arm, or shaking with both hands. It is very interesting. In one country I heard about, the thumbs up sign is very rude! Weird eh?

  4. Hi Samuel,

    My name is Madeleine and I live in Canada. I really enjoyed reading your blog! I found the things that you learned about travelling really interesting. I'll make sure to learn how to speak the language whenever I go to a new country, and I'll also learn how to pack my own luggage. I love your writing style! Keep on writing, and have an amazing day!

  5. Hi Samuel

    I really like your posts and also how you decided to join this years programme.


  6. Good Job on your post keep it up remember you are so close to the end.