Monday, 21 December 2015

Party at Mrs Middleton house


On a sunny Monday morning room 5 went to Mrs Middleton house to have a party, I went early to Mrs Middleton house when I went inside it was so cool inside they had a lot of games.

When I went outside to look at the swimming pool I had to talk to Mrs Middleton when I said my name I heard someone say my name and then I gave it back to Abby because it was her phone and then Abby turn on the the tv so I can watch tv and then I went outside again and I saw Mrs Middleton and the others I was so happy and then Mrs Middleton was telling us the rule about the swimming pool  and then we jump into the pool it was deep.

when I went out to jump back in I saw Falakiko drowning so I dive in and got him he jumped on me and I was drowning so I push him to the side and then he climbed up and Mrs Middleton was talking to him.

When Beni,JT and Katelyn came me,Beni and JT were doing bomb until we were gonna eat sausage sizzle and chicken nibble after that we were swimming until we ate ice cream that is when people were going back home the ice cream was so yummy.

My favorite part is when me,Beni and JT were doing the chain it is when someone goes to do any bomb and then the next until we finish.


Reading in the Holidays

Reading Log
Title:Regular Show
Author:JG Quintel

Recalling the book: Once upon a time Mordecai and Rigby were drinking coffee , 2 men were waiting to order , then Eileen said "what wold you like to order please" the 2 men said "coffee" Eileen went to the back and pull the curtain down it was a smoothie,coffee and fizzy machine the 2 men went and told everyone .

the next day Mordecai and Rigby went to the coffee shop it was full of people , when the people were drinking coffee then they turn into bees , then they help themselves to the coffee Margret got angry because she was the waitress and she is the only one that give out the coffee so she turn off the plug for the smoothie,coffee and fizzy machine the all the bees died and there was 1 more coffee on the table Rigby drunk it all.        

My favorite part:my favorite part of the book is when the people turn into bees because I haven't seen people turn into bees before.


Friday, 11 December 2015



Today I did my typing practice my WPM score gone up witch mean I can get my work done quicker and more accruately.

Basic Facts Practice


Today I did my basic facts practice for my learning stage in maths.
I have to learn my Multiplication,Find Factor,Division, and Find Divided/Division.