Friday, 15 April 2016

Reading Diary Connection


St Patrick Day Recount Writing Personal Voice


I had fun on Saint Patrick day because father made us say a promise to our soul friend it was funny because my soul friend was looking at me funny after that we had a share lunch me and my soul friend had a lot of fun that day. My favorite part was the share lunch because me and my soul friend had to share lunch we had fun because we played with our friends and we were eating each others food. We played soccer after that and we ate chips,biscuits and it was delicious.

Narrative Story


On a cloudy day I went outside on the grass the clouds starts to get black and thundery when I was playing the lightning striked me then my mum came outside and saw me on the ground.

My mum called the ambulance and took me to the hospital when they were pushing me into the room I woke up and I felt like a villain, so I jumped out of the bed and ran away and I realise that when the thunder striked me it gave me powers and it gave me super speed and it made me bad so I ran to a shop, and robbed it the shopkeeper gave me all his money.Then my family saw me robbing the shop so I ran with my super speed outside and I saw the police,the army,tanks,mini guns,swat and shields and this huge robot was there too, and then I super speed and took all the miniguns and shields, but the police cars,tanks, swat and robot was still there.

The clouds striked my whole family and they turn into villains, me and my mum had laser coming out of our eye my dad was so strong and my brothers and sisters had telekinesis I told my brothers and sisters to  use your telekinesis and throw the police cars away.I told my mum to blast the tanks away, me and my dad will take out the huge robot the robot was upgrading, my dad said create a tornado with your super speed so I ran in a circle until it created a  tornado,my dad ran and punch the robot until it was down.

                                                       The End

Thursday, 14 April 2016

Basic Facts Practice


Today I got 20/40. Because this the hardest stage I have ever done I have to learn my Fractions and Percentages,Sqrs, Roots and Factors and my Division.