Thursday, 25 June 2015



On a cloudy day at 12:00pm Room 5 and Room 6 went to the hall with the whole school, special visitors from the council and the ROOTS people Waikare, Alice and Candice. Before we went to the hall we had all been put  into groups . Group 1 was Litterless Lunchbox and 2 was the Vertical Garden, group 3 was the Water Filter and group 4 was Water Cycle.  I was in the Vertical Garden  group. These groups were organised to show what we had learned in the past weeks with ROOTS.

The whole school came to the presentation of certificates for Room 5 and Room 6. We had to go sit on the mat. When Waikare finished introducing the visitors and presenting our certificates we went outside to bless the water tank. Everyone stood in a circle because there was a large pile of bark in front. We sang a hymn and Waikare blessed the water tank.
Next we went back inside to the table for our group  and some people came to ask some questions about what we had learned. Alice made us yummy vegetable soup to eat with bread rolls.
I enjoyed telling people about my learning and had a lot of fun with people from ROOTS.
Thank you Waikare, Alice and Candice.