Sunday, 31 December 2017

Day 3: Groovy Man (The 1970’s)

Activity 1: Ready to Roll
In the 1970s one of the most common television programmes was called ‘Ready to Roll.’ It was broadcast on Saturday afternoons and hosted by a man named Roger Gascoigne. During the show, Roger would introduce music videos and then play them for the TV audience. He also invited famous people to come onto the show and perform songs that were currently popular.  

Watch the following three clips that were shown on the Ready to Roll programme:

When you have finished, rank the clips in order from your most favourite (#1) to your least favourite (#3). Post your rankings on your blog.

#1 - Golden Harvest

     #2 - New Zealand Underdogs.

     #3 - Ray Columbus and the Invaders

1 comment:

  1. Sawasdee khrap Samuel,
    my name is Cia. I am a Ako Hiko Summer Learning Journey commentator who will be working with various bloggers over the summer break.

    Wow, contrary to popular opinions that I’ve seen so far, you are the first to rank ‘Golden Harvest’ in first place. Perhaps you might like to talk about why you’ve ranked each song in that order. What is your favourite part of Golden Harvest’s song?

    For me, my favourite of the three is ‘She’s a Mod’ by Ray Columbus and the Invaders, because it has a catchy tune that makes me want to dance. What are your thoughts on this song?

    I look forward to hearing from you soon!

    Toe feiloa’i fo’i ('See you again' in Samoan),