Friday, 29 December 2017

Day 1: The Early Years (Late 1800s – 1919)

Activity 1: St Joseph’s Cathedral
At the turn of the century, there was a great deal of construction happening in New Zealand. Many of the new British settlers wanted to build homes and community meeting places, such as churches. One of the largest buildings to be constructed during this period was St Joseph’s Cathedral in Dunedin.

St Joseph’s Cathedral is just one of the hundreds of beautiful cathedrals around the world.

Use your search engine to find a picture of another famous cathedral. Post a picture of the cathedral on your blog. Underneath the picture tell us: the name of the cathedral, where the cathedral is located, when it was built, and how long it took to build.

My Cathedral name is St Patricks Cathedral

It is located in New York City

I was built in 1808

It took 23 years to build this Cathedral


  1. Hey Samuel,
    This looks like a huge Cathedral to got to, What do you like about this Cathedral? Why did you pick this Cathedral?.

    Good Work

    1. Hey Jerome,

      It's Jade C from the SLJ blogging team! It's awesome to see you giving some helpful feedback to other bloggers, keep up the great work!

      Jade C.

  2. Hey Samuel,

    This is Jade C from the Summer Learning Journey team! I have been reading and commenting on several of your blog posts and I really enjoyed reading them :)

    I like how you picked a Cathedral that is located overseas -New York! I've never been to New York and I really want to. Have you been to New York?

    It could've been great if you have included a photo of the Cathedral in this post, so the readers could have an idea what the Cathedral looks like.
    Here is the link to some awesome images of the Cathedral -

    I can't believe that this building was built in the 1800s. It still looks beautiful :)

    All the best,
    Jade C.