Friday, 29 December 2017

Activity 2: Offering a Helping Hand

During this period, people struggled to find work both here at home and overseas. It was a really tough time for people living in the Great Plains of the United States because they were hit with a huge drought that lasted for most of the decade. Many crops were damaged and farmers were not able to make enough money to feed their families.

Imagine that you were alive in the 1930s. What could you have done to help these families? On your blog, list three different ways that you could raise funds for families to help them buy food and clothing. Be as creative as you can with your fundraising ideas!

*Sell things that are worth lots of money


*Ask people to help them

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  1. Hey Samuel,

    This is Jade C from the Summer Learning Journey team. I can see from your right column of your blog that you have participated in both Winter Learning Journey and Summer Learning Journey in 2016-2017. You are a very active blogger and I wish that you enjoy doing the SLJ activities :)

    I completely agree with all the ideas that you've listed. Perhaps you could expand it a little bit more and explain it in detail about what kind of things you would sell, what kind of fundraiser event would you plan to do? How would you ask people to help the people in need? If you start asking yourself these questions and go in depth, you would see your quality and quantity of your writing improve.

    Just to remind you about the bonus activities, they are usually worth a lot of points, so have a go when you have some free time :)

    All the best,
    Jade C.