Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Summer Blogging


Activity 2

Create a brand new public holiday for the country.  Use your creativity to come up with a name for the holiday and a short description of how people in the country celebrate the holiday. Do they all get the day off? Do they eat special foods or go to special events to mark the day?

The brand new public holiday for the country is Money Day everybody has a day off how people celebrate Money Day they go to town and a helicopter flies around dropping $100 dollar note and $2 dollar coins to the people that are at the bottom.

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  1. Wow, Samuel. This sounds like an amazing holiday! What would you do if you caught one of the $100 bills that were being dropped by the helicopter on 'Money Day?' I think that I would take my son, Aronui, out for the day. We would go to a movie and then out for a really special dinner. What would you do?

    Rachel :)