Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Summer Blogging


Activity 1

On your blog tell us which of the icons you would most like to visit in your chosen country. Be sure to tell us why you have chosen it!

I would visit Mt Fuji – Highest mountain in Japan because it looks beautiful.

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  1. Hi Samuel,

    Great choice! I lived in Japan for a year in 2005-2006 and I went on a trip to Mt Fuji. Sadly, it was a really cloudy day and my friend, Matt, and I arrived at the base of the mountain only to find it shrouded (covered) in cloud. We couldn't see a thing!

    Oh, well. It made for a great story as we were the only people that we knew who travelled all the way to Mt Fuji and then couldn't even find it when we got to the village at the base of the hill because it was hidden by cloud!

    Rachel :)