Tuesday, 20 December 2016

Summer Blogging


Activity 2

Every year there is a huge music festival held in New Plymouth, New Zealand. It is called WOMAD. WOMAD stands for ‘World of Music, Arts and Dance.’ The festival began in 1980 and there are WOMAD festivals held every year in Australia, New Zealand, Chile, Spain, Italy and The United Arab Emirates. They attract singers and performers from all around the world. Imagine that you are on the WOMAD organising committee for next year. Which two musicians/bands would you invite to perform? On your blog tell us the names of the two musicians/bands and tell us a bit about them. Where are they from? What kind of music do they play?

The two musicians/bands I would invite is DNCE and Jeremih, DNCE is a group of boy, Jeremih is a musician and I like his songs. Jeremih is from America and DNCE is from America. The songs that Jeremih sings is Next to you,Late nights and Oui the songs that DNCE sings is Toothbrush,Body moves and Cake by ocean.

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