Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Winter Learning Journey - Activity Bonus Day 6

Bonus: Imagine that you are sitting in the crowd at the opening ceremonies for the Rio Olympics this August. The ceremony has just started and all of the Olympic athletes are parading around the stadium in their uniforms when all of a sudden…

In your blog, write an ending to this short story. It should be approximately 10-20 sentences long.

All of a sudden I saw my favorite player Valerie Adams she was walking with her friend. Then she was walking along then I saw Shaun Johnson he was walking with his favorite rugby ball. He was walking with Manu Vatuvei then they were running around the field I wanted to go to them and ask them some questions but I wasn’t allow to. When they were running around the field I tried calling out their name but they couldn’t hear me. So I just sat down and watched the Olympics I went to buy food and when I came back someone was sitting in my seat. So I went and sat on the other side of the field when I saw my friend I told him to come and sit next to me. But he didn’t come.

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