Wednesday, 29 March 2017


I don’t like Polyfest because it is a waste of money because the parking cost $5, the parking should be for free because it’s just parking and you have to pay $5 for it. The Entrance is $5 as well it should be $2 and the children under 5 years old should be for free. The food to expensive I had to pay $5 for Otai and it was small it should be  and churro spanish donuts, $6 just for 3 donuts.

When you're at Polyfest it is a big place and you might get lost and kidnapped unleash you know where your parents are. If you don’t know where your parents are then you might get kidnapped or lost, once I got lost in Dressmart because I thought my mum was with me and when I went to tap her it wasn’t my mum it was some else so I started to cry and.

Someone came and grab me and it was a worker and they ask me “ Why are you crying “ and I said “ I lost my mum “ and they said “ Stay with me until your mum comes back “ and then I said “ Yes “ Then I looked at the other worker and they had a logo on their t shirt. So I looked at the person I was walking with and she had no logo so I ran out of the shop and I found my mum at Mcdonald’s.

The only thing I like about Polyfest is the dance, so when you get older and go to college you can learn from the people that was performing on stage. I want to learn Soke a Tongan Dance because you get to move around and smack each others stick .

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  1. Hey Samuel,
    It's me Mitchell your buddy blogger! I liked how you explained you're experience at Polyfest. It is also really important that you don't get lost. Make sure you are with you're parents at all times. It is also really important you join a Polyfest group to learn about you're culture. Also it is really interesting that you want to learn the soke a tongan dance. I love the Soke! It is really entertaining and fun to watch. I want to learn it to. Anyways see you around.
    From you're buddy blogger, Mitchell