Monday, 21 December 2015

Reading in the Holidays

Reading Log
Title:Regular Show
Author:JG Quintel

Recalling the book: Once upon a time Mordecai and Rigby were drinking coffee , 2 men were waiting to order , then Eileen said "what wold you like to order please" the 2 men said "coffee" Eileen went to the back and pull the curtain down it was a smoothie,coffee and fizzy machine the 2 men went and told everyone .

the next day Mordecai and Rigby went to the coffee shop it was full of people , when the people were drinking coffee then they turn into bees , then they help themselves to the coffee Margret got angry because she was the waitress and she is the only one that give out the coffee so she turn off the plug for the smoothie,coffee and fizzy machine the all the bees died and there was 1 more coffee on the table Rigby drunk it all.        

My favorite part:my favorite part of the book is when the people turn into bees because I haven't seen people turn into bees before.


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