Wednesday, 4 November 2015

My Best Holiday


In the holidays I went with my family to my little cousin’s 1st birthday first of all I went and helped my auntie do the cooking for us to eat. We made fruit kebabs, cake pops, jelly, and put the lollies into a huge jar. 

Second of all I went outside to my brother on the trampoline, I got on, we played wrestling and when he got me down. I got up and then he grab me on my pant and the t shirt and then he threw me off. To  the ground was hard and I landed like someone who was dead and then he came down to me and he thought I was dead.

I scared him and he started to run away. I was laughing and I got in trouble for scaring him and then I had to sit down and eat my food, I was angry at him. I had chicken nibbles, pizza, brownies, spring roll and chips. When I finish my food i was so full,then I went inside and grab a party bag and put some lollies in it.

My party bag ripped so I grabbed a plastic bag and my brother Joshua pour the whole jar into my plastic bag and I saved it for the next day. Then I went with my friend to the garage to watch my dad beat my uncles at Pool. My uncle told  my dad to sit down because he kept winning all the time.

That was the best birthday ever.

My auntie said to wait till Friday so that we can go movies and on the next day i was playing on my uncles ps3 I was playing rugby league live 2 I had to play rugby league live 2 because everyday my uncle said I have to play one game I played Queensland vs New South Wales I went on settings and set the half length onto 40 minutes and I started the game I played and after I finish playing I looked at the points Queenland 50 and NSW was 14 and the.

Next day I played Call of duty black ops 1 I set up my gun with a flamethrower we had to pick a map and I pick Nuketown it was a small town I made it hard so they can’t run far so I made it a small map in the map there were people standing still but they are fake I keep shooting their heads when I shoot people  I had dogs and they killed everyone the.

Next day I played GTA iv 4 I played as Niko I called Roman for missions and I keep completing them and I get to go anywhere then the day before we go to the movies I played Tekken 6 with my brother Joshua we played team battle we had 8 people in are team i pick Eddy Gordo,Alisa,Christe,Jin,Devil Jin,Lars,Panda, and Bryan my brother couldn’t beat me up and when it went to Joshua last person Joshua quited and went away.
And the next day we went movies with my auntie my auntie said if you bring water to the movies we will go for a feed after the movie we watched Blinky Bill we had to wait in line for long and me and my little cousin went to the gaming center we watched the people playing basketball  we went inside the big screen room.