Sunday, 16 August 2015

Kiwi Sport

Hockey Skills

On Wednesday last week Room 5 went to the court to learn how to play and learn hockey skills with Sam our hockey instructor from Kiwi Sport.

First of all we played an awesome game called Octopus to warm up. We had to go and stand by a hockey stick and pick it up and start dribbling . When we had finished dribbling Sam showed us how to play Hockey Octopus.
Once we had finished we practiced juggling.

After that Sam timed us using his phone.We had to juggle it and if we dropped the ball we had to pick it up and keep juggling. Juggling was easy .We just had to  put the ball on our stick and then when the ball was going up and down on the stick, we had to keep hitting it up and down.

In the end we played an exciting  game called “Shooting into the goal”.  2 or more people had to run around the hockey square. Then Sam put the ball in the middle and we had to run to the ball, dribble it with the stick , and hit it into the square.

I think that learning hockey is teaching me new skills but dribbling was hard.
I liked the game Hockey Octopus because when I was in the middle I got all of balls out.

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